DIY Fragrant Drawer Sachets: Everything You Need To Know

Learn how to handcraft customizable fabric sachets using lavender and more for subtly scented natural clothing perfume.

February 8, 2024
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Handcrafting small fabric sachet pouches filled with fragrant dried herbs not only lends pleasant subtle scents to stored clothing items but also helps naturally repel moths, moisture and musty odors.

Customizable using simple materials found around the home, these aromatic bundles make excellent economical additions tucked amongst wardrobe contents to lightly perfume fabrics between wearings.

Benefits of Using Sachets

DIY sachets impart various advantages over liquid-based fabric sprays when infusing stored clothes and linens delicately with alluring essence.

Provide Light Scents

Small muslin sachets only subtly scent clothing items that brush against the permeable surface rather than heavily dousing entire garments with concentrated perfumes found in commercial products. The lighter aromas prove gentler against delicate skin and noses when wearing lightly scented pieces later.

Repel Pests Naturally

Many dried herbs like lavender, cedar and mint give off airborne molecules that naturally deter fabric-damaging pests like moths and carpet beetles without needing harsh chemical pesticides on clothing.

Absorb Moisture

Ingredients like silica beads, clay pellets, and charcoal briquettes tucked inside sachets actively absorb environmental moisture that otherwise fosters mildew growth and clumping during wardrobe storage off-seasons.

Best Herbs and Materials To Use

Customize sachet ingredients using these aromatically appealing and effective elements:


Dried lavender buds infuse fabrics with relaxing floral-herbal essence notes while the camphor and linalyl acetate naturally repel moths. The purple buds look beautiful mingling inside sachets as well.

Lemon Peels

Dried lemon peel slivers lend a bright citrusy aroma that keeps stored clothing smelling fresh. Antifungal limonene fruit oil properties also help inhibit musty odors.

Rose Petals

Both rose buds and fuller blooms dry beautifully retaining natural sweet perfume notes for weeks inside sachets tucked amidst clothing layers.

Cotton Muslin Bags

Lightweight cotton muslin fabric allows subtle aroma transmission outward while the thin material easily sews into small pouches using burlap cording for drawstring closure security. Loosely woven natural cloths permit continual airflow unlike synthetic versions.

dried herb bunches on a table

Filling and Preparing Sachet Bundles

Follow these tips when constructing herb-filled sachets:

Mixing Herb Amounts

Use approximately 1⁄4 cup total volume of dried ingredient mixtures inside a standard sachet pouch to provide enough contact diffusion surface area for clothes in drawers without overloading tiny cases. Test scent strength using various herb ratios first.

Tying Closure Methods

Wrap burlap or jute cording firmly around sachet necklines before knotting securely to cinch ends tightly, preventing accidental open spillage that releases aroma quickly rather than gradually permeating fabrics around the bundles over time.

Crafting Creative Shapes

Stitch geometric sachet shapes like stars, hearts or crescent moons using pinking shears for decorative drawer potpourri. Simpler rounded pouches work well too. Reinforce stress points with extra stitching to prevent loose gap tears later that leak contents prematurely.

Ideal Placement Locations

Tuck aromatic sachet pouches in these clothing storage spots for ideal lingering essence infusion:

Dresser Drawers

Hide petite sachets underneath sock, undergarment and accessory drawer contents to delicately perfume these fabric items that remain stationary for longer durations between wearing compared to frequently rotated shirts and pants.

Closet Shelving

Larger sachet pouches lined along closet shelves interface nicely with folded sweaters, scarves and off-season apparel stored above and around in boxes. Position flattened pouches discretely underneath stack bottoms too for vertical aroma distribution.

Suitcases and Gym Bags

Place small sachet bundles alongside travel clothing items or pack them inside shoes to keep belongings smelling fresh during lengthy storage stretches between trips rather than letting bags take on musty odors in closets or garages.

Displaying Sachets Decoratively

For visual appeal, display fabric potpourri pouches creatively inside storage spaces like:

Hanging in Closets

Use holders or loop bands that attach multiple sachet bags to clothing rods or hooks in pretty arrangements reminiscent of bouquet displays. Spread essence coverage across wider zones than confined drawers this way.

Layering in Storage Chests

Nestle fabric pouches attractively between carefully stacked sweaters and other clothing contents inside cedar chests and decorative storage bins so glimpses of potpourri show through the layers. Dense stacking presses layers optimally against sachets.

Embedding Inside Folded Clothes

Place a single sachet bundle centered inside a pile of folded shirts, pajamas or linens inside each drawer so the weight of the stack presses top layers against the pouch. Remove when accessing lower pieces to revive contact.

Conclusion & Preservation Tips

Crafting natural herb-filled sachet pouches gives custom light scent infusion for stored fabrics and fibers using personalized dried flower and plant ingredient blending. Display them decoratively inside drawers or hide them discretely underneath clothing stacks. Over time the aroma dissipates fully at which point the biodegradable muslin and plant material contents easily compost for low-waste crafting sustainability. Replace faded sachets with fresh bundles filled with seasonal fragrance selections.

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