Red Cedar Blocks

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Our Cedar Wood blocks are actually Cedar wood cubes. Measuring 20mm on each side, these pieces are ideal to place in drawers, cupboards, shoes and other dark places. Simply throw them in and let their earthly fragrance take care of the rest. You will surely notice the woody aroma every time you open one of these places.
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Treat your fabrics like pharaohs used to do.

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All natural

It's just wood. But it has a superpower! No dangerous chemicals involved at any stage and we can re-grow it endlessly. That's pretty much 100% renewable.

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Pet friendly

You don't have to worry about your pets and little ones having to deal with nasty stuff if they get near wardrobes or drawers.

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Absorbs humidity

Red Cedar, as most untreated wood, will gradually absorb excess humidity in closed spaces. This means less odour and lower risk of mold getting around. How about that?

A little about our Red Cedar Blocks

Using Red Cedar Wood Blocks is effortless. Simply place them in your closets, drawers, and storage containers. The natural oils in the wood will naturally repel moths and other insects while also filling your storage spaces with a comforting and pleasant scent.

Not only are these blocks practical, but they also offer a touch of rustic beauty to your storage areas. The warm and inviting scent of the red cedar wood creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a great addition to any home decor.

towering red cedar blocks and rings

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Love these. Such a great natural item. The scent is gorgeous.
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Cedar Blocks
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Great scent and wonderful packaging. It's really nice to know that you're helping plant trees with your order!
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Cedar Rings
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Best price I was able to find, and these are really fragrant - love it.
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Cedar Chipping Sachets
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quote marks
Great quality product, delivered quickly and as described. We have been using the items for a few weeks now and so far they seem to be effective at keeping the moths out of our wardrobes and drawers.
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Red Cedar Bundle
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